Nguyên Lê’s equipment

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Nguyên Lê proudly uses                                            


                                    heaDphones                    guitar preamp FX                          cables

                                                microphones                                                                         DR Strings  

Stage setup

Julien Gendre "TAO" electric guitar (mid 2003)                
Julien's Website

             quilted Maple thinline body shaped after a chinese calligraphy

             24 fret maple bolted neck, ebony fingerboard

             China black ink painting

             Tahiti mother of pearl Yi King position markers :  

                                                    3rd fret - the Water

                                                    5th fret - the Wind

                                                    7th fret - the Mountain

                                                    9th fret - the Lake

                                                    12th fret - the Sky

             EMG pickups, 2 SA single, 1 bridge 89 humbucker

             Floyd Rose/Schaller vibrato w/ graph tech saddles on High E & B strings

             GK2A Roland guitar synth pickup with integrated controls

             DR tite-fit 10-46 strings

Julien Gendre "Tiger’s tail" electric guitar (sept 2011)                

             FLAMED ASH CHAMBERED body shaped after a chinese calligraphy & THE TAIL OF A TIGER

             24 fret EUROPEAN SYCOMORE FLAMED maple bolted neck & fingerboard WITH

             2 CARBON FIBER REINFORCEMENT RODS & a two-way trussrod

             China black ink painting, GOLD LEAVES DECORATIONS, IVORY TIGER CLAW



             VIOLET ROSEWOOD Yi King position markers :  

                                                    3rd fret - the Water

                                                    5th fret - the Wind

                                                    7th fret - the Mountain

                                                    9th fret - the Lake

                                                    12th fret - the Sky

            neck pickup : throaty bucker zexcoil

            middle : single coil dirty blonde Lollar

            bridge : Chopper  DiMarzio

            GOTOH GT 1996 FLOATING VIBRATO with schaller sure claw system


            DR tite-fit 10-46 strings

Julien Gendre "Bamboo" acoustic steel guitar (mid 2007)

            small quilt Maple Body with wedge comfort design (courtesy of Linda manzer)

            24 fret maple neck, ebony fingerboard

            single cutaway at 18th fret

            Jura epicea top, violette wood bridge

            GothO SG510 golden machine heads

            Amarello & bulnesia neck & neck head inlays

            Tahiti mother of pearl back inlay with Nguyên Lê's ideogram

            B-Band UST pickup with ZAM  external phantom power Block

nash s-57 stratocaster mary kay relic (april 2009)

            ash cream body

            one piece maple neck 10’ radius & c shape, dunlop 6105 frets

            gotoh vintage staggered hardware

            lollar single coil pickups (neck & middle), Hepcat single coil on bridge

            nitrocellulose lacquer

            DR tite-fit 9.5-44 strings

fractal audio axe-fx II preamp/effets processor w/ 2 controller pedals (vol & fx parameter)

Softstep keith mcmillen usb footcontroller with Midi expander and

iphone w/ touchosc app for more midi controls

Korg Kaoss Pad III+


Apple MacBook AIR 6,2   Intel core i7 1,7Ghz

laptop for playing sounds & sequences w/ Ableton Live, Reaktor & Stylus RMX

Nano kontrol korg

two DV Mark small 112 cabinets with ceramic speakers

Matrix gt1000fx stereo solid state power amp

Koch atr4501 stereo tube power amp

(when Nguyên cannot bring his own amps he usually asks for two Vox ac30)

Vovox instrument & studio cables

Picks dunlop jazz III ultex 427R

line 6 Relay g30 guitar wireless

zoom g3 floor multieffect

Home stuff

Fractal audio systems axe fx ultra

Cornell pedalamp

Boss GT10 guitar multi-effects floor unit with Boss EV5 pedal for continuous control

Lexicon PCM 80 digital multi-effects with Pitch FX Card

gordius little giant midi footswitch pedalboard

BB preamp Xotic effects usa (boost/dist)

Korg Kaoss Pad II

blackstar HT Boost tube booster

Gordius LG2 footcontroller

DV mark compressore pedal

DV mark multiamp

little lehle ii audio switcher

Micro Pog Electro Harmonix (polyphonic octaver)

Headstrong lil'king reverb all tube amp 1x12 ceramic amplifier (based on a fender princeton)

String Instruments :

James Trussart electric guitar

             Warmoth body & 24 fret neck, birdeye maple, ebony fingerboard

             EMG pickups (neck 81 humbucker/ middle single SA/ bridge 85 humbucker )

             Floyd Rose vibrato

             DR strings 09 / 42

james tyler Variax jtv69

Fly Deluxe Parker electric guitar

             DiMarzio pickups

             Parker piezo vibrato

             DR strings 10/46

Hagström jazz guitar (designed by d’Aquisto)

             EMG 91 pickup 

             Bigsby vibrato

Gibson ES 345

Sadowsky nylon electroacoustic

Lowden F22 acoustic steel

Hermanos Condé flamenca acoustic nylon

Aria electric with double frets for quarter tones

James Trussart fretless electric

            Vigier fretless brass fingerboard

            Warmoth neck & hollow body

            Joe Barden pickups

Leduc 5 strings fretless electric bass

Gobson acoustic mandolin from India

Dan Tranh vietnamese zither

Dan Tam vietnamese fretless banjo

Dan Bau vietnamese monocorde

Cai Luong vietnamese 5-strings electric guitar with curved fingerboard

Cai Luong vietnamese acoustic guitar with scalloped fingerboard

Cümbüs (fretless banjo) from Turkey

Tar (lute with double steel strings, drone & moveable frets) from Azerbaïjan

saz from turkey


Korg Triton Pro 76 notes keyboard with

EXB 1 & EXB2 extensions & MOSS synth card

Korg Triton Rack

roland integra-7

Roland XV 5080 expander w/ World, Pop, Orchestra I, Orchestra II cards

Roland D 110 expander

Roland D 550 expander

Yamaha TG 500 expander

Korg WSSR Wavestation expander

Roland GR33 Guitar Synthetizer (not much use these days)

Outboard Effects

Lexicon PCM 80 multi-effects w/ Pitch FX card

Lexicon PCM 70 reverb

TC Electronics M One reverb

Boss SE 70 multi-effects

Boss GT10 guitar multi-effects floor unit

Morley wah wah

Ibanez Tube Screamer distortion pedal

soundblox multiwave distorsion

Roger Mayer Vision Wah pedal

Recording & Computer Equipment


    Horch RM2J      tube multipattern

    Neumann U 87         multipattern

    Microtech-Gefell M 930 cardiod

    Mojave MA 200 tube cardioid

    Schoeps MK4/CMC5 cardiod (x2)

    Earthworks Z30X cardiod (x2)

    AKG C535

    Royer R121 ribbon omni

    heil dynamic pr40


    Universal Audio 2-610 stereo tube preamp

    SPL Gain Station 1 tube preamp w/ digital output

hardware effects

fatso jR stereo compressor empirical labs el7 - ubk modded

    linked to a spx1000 Yamaha to control compression amount & sidechain

Clariphonic parallel stereo equalizer Kush audio

germanium tone control mono eq chandler limited

A-Designs EM-EQ2 pultec stereo equalizer

phoenix thermionic culture stereo tube compressor w/ sidechain

SSL SIgma daw-controlled summing mixer

patchbay 48 trs samson

patchbay 96 TT signex cpt96 D25p


    ADAM S3X V  


   audeze LCD-2, Beyer DT 831, Sony MDR V700, M-Audio ear monitors, Bose quietcomfort 15, shure srh240

Apple Mac Pro 3,1 early 2008      

2 X 2,8 Ghz Quad core intel xeon e5462 harpertown - socket lga771

10 G° RAM, 512 & 120 G° SSD, 3T° & 750G° hard disks,

21’ Samsung SyncMaster monitor

uad-2 solo accelerator card X 2

TC Powercore firewire

orpheus prism sound firewire audio interface

MOTU Traveler Firewire Audio Interface

metric halo mobile i/o uln2 expanded audio interface

MOTU Midi Time Piece AV Midi interface

Tascam CDRW 2000 CD recorder

Sony DAT 60ES

Software (favorites)

Digital Performer

Reaktor 5

Ableton Live


MachFive II



Stylus RMX w/ all expanders

PSP Vintage Warmer 2

PSP MixPack 2


Audio Damage Discord & Replicant

Soundtoys native effects, radiator, decapitator

equick dmg audio

valhalla room, vintage , shimmer & ubermod effects