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«Celebrating the Dark Side of the Moon”  my new album wih NDR Bigband, Youn Sun Nah, Gary Husband & Michael Gibbs is finished. Release dates are Oct 21 in France & 31 in Germany. I’m creating «The Dark Side Nine», a nonet to present this music in lighter conditions. 1rst concert in Paris New Morning, feb 5. More concert options are coming !

Bought a new fantastic vocal mic : the Horch RM2J. The class of an Elam 251 but much more affordable. This mic combines with elegance elements which are frequently contradictory : warmth & purity, body & air, depth & clarity.

Just after Prabhu Edouard’s beautiful first album, I’m mixing Dhafer Youssef’s «Sound of Mirrors» live concert with Zakir Hussain & Husnu Selendirici

Writing a 1 hour long score for «A Page of Madness», japanese silent movie from 1926, for String quartet, Chis Jennings, Mieko Miyazaki, Nils Petter Molvaer & Jan Bang. Performance at Musée des Confluences, Lyon on May 2, 2015

CD release of Erkki- Sven Tüür «Symphony n°5» on Ondine - concerto for wild improvised vietnamese electric guitar, UMO big band & Helsinki symphonic orchestra - telluric & grandiose !