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E_L_B            (2001) ACT 9289-2


Peter ERSKINE_Nguyên LE_Michel BENITA

1.   ZigZag                        Nguyên Lê

2.   Autumn Rose             Peter Erskine

3.   Pong                            Nguyên Lê

4.   Country Boy              Michel Benita

5.   Now Or Never          Peter Erskine

6.   Sao Sen                       Nguyên Lê

7.   Pirates                        Michel Benita

8.   Meanwhile                 Peter Erskine

9.   Bee                             Nguyên Lê

10. Bass Desires              Peter Erskine

11. Free At Last               Michel Benita

Peter Erskine                drums

Nguyên Lê                    electric guitars & guitar-synth

Michel Benita                acoustic bass

produced by Peter Erskine, Nguyên Lê and Michel Benita

executive producer Siegfried Loch

recording, mixing & mastering by Jan Erik Kongshaug in Rainbow Studio,

Oslo, october 29 & 30/2000.

studio coordination by Peer Espen Ursfjord.

Photos by cf wesenberg

Peter, Nguyên & Michel would like to thank Siggi Loch, François Lacharme, Didier Nouyrigat, Stéphane Portet, Fabrice Bonin, Dominique Borker, Isabelle Benita and Mutsy Erskine. Special thanks to Jan Erik Kongshaug for his good spirits, cheer, and most excellent sound, and thanks to all at ACT.

Peter Erskine plays Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks and Evans Drum Heads. Special appreciation to Yamaha and Evans for their generous assistance in providing musical equipment for the recording sessions in Oslo.