DRAGONFLY     Huong Thanh           
(2001)          ACT 9293-2

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1.   Ten Reasons for Loving You           7:10

2.   Bakida                                            4:40

3.   Dragonfly                                       4:06

4.   What the Bird Says                         5:38

5.   Two Sisters                                     5:00

6.   The Betel Tray                                5:22

7.   Graceful Bamboo                           6:53

8.   Crossing the Valley                         5:12

9.   Drums in the Night                         6:17

10. Scent of my Childhood                   4:27


    total time                                                   55:24

Traditionals arranged by Nguyên Lê/ ACT Publishing/ Gema

except #10 written by Hong Nguyên & Dominique Borker.

Lyrics for #2, #5 & #10 by Hong Nguyên.

Produced, arranged, engineered & mixed by Nguyên Lê

from 08/2000 to 05/2001 in studio Louxor, Paris Barbès

Mastered by Jean Pierre Bouquet, l’Autre Studio

Photos by Thomas Dorn

Design by Peter Krüll

Executive Producer Siegfried Loch


photo Thomas Dorn


electric & acoustic guitars, synths & computer

16-strings zither (dàn tranh), moon lute (dàn nguyêt), 2-string              

fiddle (dàn nhi), cai luong gtr, monocorde (dànbau), woodblock

sao transverse bamboo flute, lutes, zither, sapek clappers
pi thiu vertical flute

vocals, fretless bass & percussion

pizz & arco acoustic 5-strings bass

cajon, frame drum

trumpet & flugelhorn

fretted & fretless bass

percussion & tablas

acoustic piano

Huong Thanh

Nguyên Lê
Duong Chi Tam

Hao Nhiên Pham
Dinh Cong Tuyên
Richard Bona
Renaud Garcia Fons
Tino di Geraldo
Paolo Fresu
Etienne Mbappé
François Verly
Dominique Borker

The Barbès Deluxe Strings