Million Waves        (1995) ACT  9221-2

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1.Mille Vagues                  (Nguyên Lê) 5:28

2.Trilogy                           (N. Lê / Dieter Ilg / Danny Gottlieb) 21:00

3.Be Good                        (Nguyên Lê) 4:16

4.Mango Blues                  (Nguyên Lê) 4:16

5.Butterflies & Zebras        (Nguyên Lê) 3:25

6.Little Wing                     (Jimi Hendrix) 4:10

7.El Saola                          (Nguyên Lê / Dominique Borker) 3:56

8.Sledge                                (Nguyên Lê) 2:50

9.Moonshine                     (Nguyên Lê/Dominique Borker) 3:56

10.I Feel Good                    (James Brown) 3:59

     Nourish your own roots, until they blossom into a million flowers, a million scents, a million waves.

Let all the different cultures that have formed us speak freely, without any self-censorship nor asepsis, should it be rugged, or even paradoxical. This recording is Nguyên Lê’s third album, after “ Miracles ”, with Art Lande, Marc Johnson, Peter Erskine & “ Zanzibar ” with Art Lande, Paul McCandless, Dean Johnson, Joël Allouche (Musidisc).

Nguyên Lê is a self-taught musician, born in Paris, 1959, from vietnamese parents. He has participated in some of the most dynamic groups on the french scene : Ultramarine, an ethnic fusion with musicians from Africa, West Indies, Asia & France; the "Orchestre National de Jazz " (from 1987 to 89), Andy Emler "Megaoctet", a furnace of creativity & surprises; Michel Portal Unit, with J.F. Jenny Clark & Trilok Gurtu. He is often invited  as a soloist by the WDR big band in Köln, & has worked with Vince Mendoza on “Jazzpaña”, “Sketches” (CD on ACT), “Downtown”; and with Bob Brookmeyer on “The New Yorker” suite, also featuring Dieter Ilg & Danny Gottlieb.

With these two musicians he records “Trilogy”, an after hours jam in the WDR studio. “Trilogy” is a long piece, all improvised, yet structured as a composition. Tensions give way to resolutions, themes are followed by their developments. Siegfried Loch, producer & initiator of  “Million Waves” , pointed that this piece could also have been entitled “Birth of a Trio”, since this spontaneous reunion, recorded almost by chance, started up this record.

"Mille Vagues" was written after a very ancient traditional Korean court music. Like a bird on the back of a tortoise, the heaviness of the hieratic drums is balanced by aerial melodies. “Million Waves” , like the million events which have fashioned us; like the million traces we leave on the way.

Nguyên would like to thank :

Danny & Dieter, for your wonderful playing & your good vibes.

Siggy, Walter & Dominique for your precious ears & your acute attention.

Wolfgang Hirschmann, for providing the opportunity for this trio to get together in the first place.